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Fill out the section below and send it in.
Every few months, there will be a new question, and the 
results of the past one will be posted at the bottom of this page.
If your browser does not support forms just e-mail me.

May 2001


What is your favourite Chantal K music video?

Anything else you wanna say?

This form is sent annonymously, so if you want a response, 
make sure to send me your e-mail too.


New Results: up to May 2001

"Which of the NEW songs do you like best?"
The results were,
 1. Far Away - 30% of the vote 
 2. Eve - 22%
 3. Souls - 19%

      other songs included Before You - 10%, Little Things - 5%, Blue - 5%, 
       M - 3%, Soul Searching - 3%, and Dear Life - 3%.


Past Surveys....

January - August
For those who've seen Chantal's live show, do you 
prefer her WITH a band or WITHOUT?

Without Band: 61%
With Band: 39%

Despite the majority, Chantal will most likely be touring with a band 
for the next tour... and we'll all learn to love them.  Though there was 
something oh so special about her solo performances that we'll never forget. 

July - December
Which unreleased or cover-song would you most 
like to see Chantal include on her next album?
The results were...

1. Leaving On A Jet Plane = 60%
2. Wild Horses = 23%
3. Love Is All = 8%%
4. Until We Die = 5%

The remaining percentage was divided among other 
rare cover songs Chantal has performed in various show.

February - June
How do you think Chantal's HAIR looked best? *heh*
The results were...

1. Her hairstyle NOW = 38%
2. Long in the Canadian "God Made Me" vid = 35%
3. Short as in the "Wayne" video = 17%

The remaining 10% was divided between the really 
short hairstyle in the American "God Made Me" video, 
and the "Surrounded" video look.


The question asked was,
"Which song do YOU think is the best done LIVE?"
The results were...

1. Wayne=37%
2. Surrounded=24%
3. Hands=11%

Remaining 28% was divided between other songs from UTR&S,
and honourable mentions go out to "Wild Horses" & "Ken's Song".


The question asked was,
"If another single is released, what do YOU think it should be?"
The results were...

1. Co-Dependant=40%
2. Hands=17%
3. Dealer=10%

Remaining 33% was divided between the other songs from UTR&S.
(Votes for Surrounded and other singles were discarded seeing as they've already been released!)


The question asked was,
"What are your top 3 fave Chantal Kreviazuk songs?"
The results were...


Looks like Sony knew the right songs, but not the right order. :o)

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