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Internet Relay Chat


If your answer is yes, than join #chantalkreviazuk!

We meet occasionally on Fridays at 11:00pm EST.

#chantalkreviazuk is a chat room, and a place where 
Chantal fans can meet!

The channel is on the UNDERNET.

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat.
It's a way of chatting to other people through text.
Channels allow large group discussions, where any 
number of people can join a channel and take part 
in the current conversation. This is the way it works 
on the #chantalkreviazuk channel.

How do you get on???

First of all you need an internet connection (i'm 
assuming you have one...duh.) The other thing you'll 
need is an IRC client (a program which allows you to 
use IRC).

How do I get an IRC client?

I great gal named Lisa Jones has a Bryan Adams page
and she taught me how to get it.

For PC users, there is a good IRC client called mIRC, 
which you can download by clicking here:

Download mIRC version 5.3 now

Once you have downloaded mIRC, simply go to File 
Manager and double click on the filename 
(mirc502s.exe). The file will then expand, and if 
you then reload the drive which the file is on and go 
to the directory that the file is in, you should then 
find a readme file of some sort. Read this file for 
installation instructions which you can use with 

When you start up mIRC, you will be offered a list 
of servers: you can choose any undernet server to 
get onto the #chantalkreviazuk channel. Most of the
servers will be listed in this format:

Undernet:US, MO, Springfield. 

The ones I recommend are:

Toronto -
Phoenix -
San Diego -
Chicago -
Lowell -
Springfield -
St. Louis -
Vancouver -
Salt Lake -
Los Angeles -
Rock Hill -
San Jose -

Choose one of the above servers and press the 
Connect button. Once you have connected to a 
server, a box will come up and will allow you to 
type in a name preceeded by a #. If you want to 
join the #chantalkreviazuk channel, then type in 
#chantalkreviazuk and click on the "Join" button.

OR, type this into the typing box... 

/join #chantalkreviazuk


If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me.

Anyways, hope to see you there soon!


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