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Articles & Reviews

Below, are a wide variety of articles, interview write-ups, 
and reviews.  Click on the title to view the document.

(all files are in simple text format)

Details of new Chantal Kreviazuk album (06/04/99)
BC Christian News: Chantal Kreviazuk (01/99)
On The Slow Road To Sucess" (01/31/98)
"A Canadian Success..." (01/30/98)
"Household Name In The Making..." (01/27/98)
"Chantal and piano 'just very me'" (01/16/98)
"Chantal's Big Year" (01/15/98)
"With A Strong Second Single, Kreviazuk Has 'Surrounded' Herself With Hit Potential" (Billboard Feature) (11/15/97)
"Music Rescued Kreviazuk" (07/09/97)
"Little Singer, Big Talent" (07/10/97)
"Chantal Kreviazuk Realizes Her Voice On Columbia Bow"
"Chantal Kreviazuk Graduates To The Big Time" (12/16/96)
Newcomer Kreviazuk Is Talented, Hip and Keyed Up (12/26/96)
"Chantal Kreviazuk Rose From Obscurity Virtually Overnight" (11/03/96)
"Death-Cheating Experience Gave Chantal Kreviazuk Hope For A Musical Future" (10/26/96)
"Chantal Kreviazuk"
"I don't think there are any new emotiions..."

Album/Song Reviews

"Billboard's Review of UTR&S" (06/14/97)
Review by Los Angeles Daily News (05/30/97)
Review of Under These Rocks And Stones
Really GOOD Review of Under These Rocks And Stones
Cute Review of Under These Rocks And Stones
New & Noteworthy (05/03/97)
Small Billboard Review
Review of Surrounded

Concert Reviews

Professional Reviews

"Not Just An Angry Woman" (Toronto show review 01/29/98)
"Safe Foundation Lies Under Singer's Rocks and Stones" (01/08/98)
Cleveland Review
Review of Toronto Show (07/06/97) (They mention ME!)

Fan Reviews

Toronto Concert Review by Chris Deschenes (01/28/98)
Waterloo Concert Review by Chris Lam

Quotes, Comments, Blurbs...

Kreviazuk Kicks Off US Tour (02/02/98)
"Chantal's Goddess"
"Surrounding Party Of Five"
Entertainment Weekly Review (06/06/97)
"Showcasing Her Talents"
"Gen-X Revisited" (11/04/96)

If you have or know of a piece of writing that isn't on
   this page,  let me know!

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